Matthew Holberton and Ms Lee had intercourse twice prior to the torrent of e-mails for which she told him she’d get ‘revenge’.

Matthew Holberton and Ms Lee had intercourse twice prior to the torrent of e-mails for which she told him she’d get ‘revenge’.

Image: Monique Harmer Provider: News Corp Australia

Police prosecutor Senior Sergeant Amin Assaad described Lee’s texts as “vicious”, “threatening” and “intimidating”.

The Downing Centre Local Court had earlier heard allegations Lee told Mr Holberton she knew where he lived, worked along with his moms and dads’ very very first names.

The texts delivered over four months in 2015 show the escalating anger by Lee against Mr Holberton.

In accordance with authorities facts, they came across in 2015 via Tinder and had 10 dates, including three on which Mr Holberton met Lee with the attention of ending their relationship july.

“However Lee constantly declined to just accept the partnership had been over, ” the reality state.

Lee’s communications consist of racist slurs against another recognized rival for Mr Holberton’s affections.


In 2 various communications, Lee defines an old gf of Mr Holberton’s that has Japanese origins by making use of a degrading slur and calls her a “japanese tart”.

Snr Sgt Assaad stated the torrent of texts ensued after exactly exactly exactly exactly what had been a “very, really brief relationship”.

The partnership amounted to four supper dates, an “encounter” in her own flat and then sexual activity on two occasions.

Following the very first supper date on July 28, 2015, Mr Holberton delivered texts to Ms Lee about human body forms, saying “soft epidermis and company muscles are sexy”.

The set set up a dinner that is second for August 29, and after that absolutely absolutely nothing intimate occurred based on court papers.

On September 3, after their 3rd supper date, the 2 possessed a “consensual encounter” into the entry hallway landing of her flat.

Denise Lee delivered several thousand texts to Holberton and mocked their ability that is sexual and supply: News Corp Australia

Matthew Holberton. Source: Supplied

On September 18, after heading out to their 4th supper date, Mr Holberton came back with Ms Lee to her home and so they had intercourse.

But by September 22, Ms Lee seemed unhappy, giving three texts in 2 moments to Mr Holberton saying, “I happened to be very happy to head out to you. I did son’t understand it had been simply for intercourse. That changes it”.

3 minutes later on she texted, “a dirty f**k in the landing could have ideal you simply fine we think”.


Three full minutes later on at with you’dn’t desire to see me personally once more, i’dn’t have slept to you. 10.33pm she texted, “If I’d known that after resting”

After about 15 texts exchanged involving the two, Mr Holberton texted, you. “So I recently felt like anyone to feed and f**k”

By 24, Lee texted “I’m not going to take this lying down”, then “you’ve got some nerve treating me like that” and “who the hell do you think you are” september.

Because of the day that is following Mr Holberton texted Ms Lee, saying, “your behavior will leave me personally cool. We officially never ever desire to communicate with or see you once once once again” and then “please stop me” that is texting.

A large number of email messages had been delivered by Denise Lee nightly to Holberton. Image: Adam Yip Supply: News Corp Australia

On October 3, Mr Holberton and Ms Lee met up for a glass or two at her spot and had their final intimate encounter.

Thereafter, police say Mr Holberton came across Ms Lee on three further occasions between October 9 and November 10, “trying to cool things off”.

By November 1, 2015, Mr Holberton seemed to mostly have stopped giving an answer to Ms Lee’s texts as well as 11.06am she texted him saying, “I simply want to get also now”.

On November 6, Mr Holberton came across Lee to try to talk about their distinctions.

The second evening at him insulting his ex and taunting him: “Is that the best you can pull 8.06pm she texted?

“She’s perhaps not attractive. Even her title is unsightly. ”

A text that is further, “Get us to just just just simply take you away then f*** with my mind asking me personally exactly just just just what my insecurities are, then pointing away everything you think is incorrect with my teeth.

“You’re perhaps maybe maybe not good in my experience and also you deserve everything you’re likely to get. ”

Denise Jane Lee is likely to be sentenced in February year that is next pleading accountable to four charges. Image: John Grainger Provider: News Corp Australia


Mr Holberton and Ms Lee had their last conference on November 10, presumably to sort down their distinctions.

The second early morning she texted him twice at 7.37am writing, “You damage me, i shall perform some exact exact exact exact same for you” after which, you f**king pay for what you did to me”“ I will make.

Two moments later on, she texted, “So whom must I contact first? ”

Between 11 and 12, Mr Holberton had more than 90 missed calls from Lee on his mobile and work phone november.

He blocked Lee’s quantity, via 29 different emails addresses so she began messaging him.

In December 2015, Mr Holberton reported the harassment to police due to fear for his damage while the content associated with the communications.

In 2016, he moved to Melbourne and began a relationship and with Ms Dempster january.

On June 12, 2016, Mr Holberton made the partnership public via Instagram.

On June 13, Ms Dempster received the initial of several offensive email messages, including recommendations to personal stats, as well as the email messages to Professor Bell started.

Matthew Holberton left city following the punishment started. Image: Adam Yip Provider: News Corp Australia

Lee attempted to plead underneath the psychological state Act but ended up being rejected. Picture: Peter Rae Source: AAP


The texts to Mr Holberton made him conscious that Lee knew their moms and dads’ names, that he texted back again to her had been “creepy beyond belief”.

Lee would not back away, texting him that for hurting me”“ I am going to hurt you.

Whenever Mr Holberton asked in texts if she’d kill or actually damage him, Lee said no she wouldn’t.

But she did text him, “I intend to obtain revenge. ”

Magistrate Michael Barko ordered Denise Jane Lee to manage a sentencing hearing into the Downing Centre Local Court in February.

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